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Our Vision Statement and the latest Ofsted inspection report.

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What to expect, when?

Care and Education

Bright Sparks Private Day Nursery was founded in September 1994 by qualified teacher, Lynne Donovan and is registered to care for children aged 3 months to 5 years. From 2007, Lynne welcomed her daughter Laura Gapski into the business and following Lynne’s retirement in March 2017, Laura has assumed the responsibility of Nursery Owner.

Laura Gapski, has over ten years’ experience in the sector. She has gained Early Years Professional Status which is the accreditation awarded to graduates who are leading practice from birth to the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Laura has supported the setting through their OFSTED inspections in 2011 and latterly in June 2016, when the setting celebrated the Outstanding outcomes in all areas assessed.

Bright Sparks employs qualified staff who have undergone extensive training in order to deliver all aspects of the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) to individual children at their appropriate level of development. A Qualified Teacher also works on a one to one basis with our Pre-school group to ensure solid Foundations in Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Understanding the World.

The Nursery is separated into 3 distinct units; Babies, Tweenies (toddlers) and Pre-school. Each child’s learning and development is monitored in accordance with the 7 areas set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework by their Key Person, assigned during settling in sessions.

The 7 Areas of Learning and Development are subdivided as follows:

Prime Areas

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Understanding the World
  3. Expressive Arts and Design

The Prime Areas are those most essential for healthy development and future learning.

Specific Areas

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the World
  4. Expressive Arts and Design

Initial observation and Assessments are made in close liaison with Parents and continue throughout the duration of your child’s time in our care. This allows your child’s Key Person to thoughtfully plan and carry out activities pertaining to your child’s Next Steps in their journey through the EYFS. Feedback is shared with Parents through quarterly ‘I Can’ Reports and annual All About Me forms. Pre-school children also receive a bi-annual report from their teaching staff.

Around the time of their second birthday, all children benefit from the Government endorsed 2 Year Progress Check summarising development in the Prime Areas of Learning and highlighting the need for intervention or support where relevant.

The aim of the Nursery is to provide a friendly, happy and exciting atmosphere, where children are encouraged to develop enthusiasm for learning and play so that future experiences and education may be approached with confidence. The Tweenie Room

Inside, the nursery has provision to nurture creative and imaginative play, whilst outside, the children have the opportunity to explore and discover the environment of the Nursery’s idyllic surroundings. Children are encouraged to learn through play, socialise and co-operate and above all enjoy their days at this nursery.

Parents are always welcome at the Nursery throughout the day to help, by appointment or at our quarterly parents evenings to discuss and support any aspect of a child's time spent in the Nursery.  Our staff will be happy to exchange information with parents, at the end of each day, about their child's activities, well-being and experiences.